Film and media directories

American Animated Short Cartoons
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Communication Contents
American Classic Movies
Silent Movies
Greatest Films

Directories on film preservation

Preservation and Cultural Organizations
Film Archives On Line
The Association of Moving Image Archivists
Northeast Historic Film Moving Image Archives
The National Film Preservation Foundation

Film institutes and other film organisations

FIAF (International Federation of Film Archives)
AEFI (Association of European Film Institutes)
Magyar Filmintézet (Hungarian Film Institute)
BFI (British Film Institute)
AFI (American Film Institute)
AFI (Australian Film Institute)
HFI (Hollywood Film Institute)
SFI (Swedish Film Institute)
DFI (Danish Film Institute)
NFI (Norwegian Film Institute)
DIF (German Film Institute)
Deutsches Filmmuseum (German Filmmuseum)
IFA (Israeli Film Archives)
SEA (Finnish Film Institute)
ARS (Archives of the Republic of Slovenia)
Nederlands Filmmuseum
BAFTA (The British Academy of Film & Television Arts)
George Eastman House
AMPAS (The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences
AMPS (Association of Motion Picture Sound)
Film World

Hungarian cultural institutes abroad

Directory (list of the Hungarian Cultural Ministry)

Foreign cultural institutes in Hungary

Directory (list of the Hungarian Cultural Ministry)

Other Hungarian art sites

Scripta (list of some of the best publications on arts and theory)
Magyar Színházi Portál (database of the Hungarian theatre life)
Színház (publication on theatre theory and critics)
Criticai Lapok (publication on theatre art)
Táncművészet (publication on the Hungarian dance art and theory)

Hungarian film and media organisations

NKA (National Cultural Fund)
MMK (Motion Picture Foundation of Hungary)
HSC (Hungarian Society of Cinematographers
ORTT (National Radio and Television Commission)
MTFA (Hungarian Historical Film Fund)
BBSA (Balázs Béla Studio Foundation)

Motion picture related Hungarian web sites:

Metropolis (a periodical on film history and theory)
Televideo (TELEVIDEO Publishing Co.) (infos on Hungarian film)
Mozgóképoktatás (media education)
Fénypont (directory of film related publications)
Laterna Magica (film academy programs in Pécs)
Mozivadász (about films currently on programme in Hungary)

Film programs

Pesti Est (movie programs in Budapest, guidelines)
Mozivilág (star portraits, commendatories on current films) (TV listings, film database and movie programs in Budapest)

Distributors, TV channels in Hungary

Budapest Film Kft
Magyar Filmintézet
Duna Televízió
Magyar Televízió
RTL Klub
Spektrum Televízió

Production firms


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